Hidden Still Spirits Hershey, PA

Hidden Still Spirits is an award-winning grain-to-glass craft distillery specializing in bourbon. Since opening their first location in 2015 in Lebanon, Hidden Still is now the largest in such distillery in the state. Capitalizing on success and rising popularity of the craft spirits industry, a new location in downtown Hershey is planned.

The distillery occupies 9,000 square feet of a former Hershey Company extraction plant. After undergoing a $2.5 million renovation, the venue combined distilling plant operations, a 200-seat restaurant with outdoor seating, and an event center.

To accommodate the new uses, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were gutted and replaced with new equipment. Existing conditions led to inspired problem-solving when it came to design of exposed ductwork and coordination with a structural engineer to create special platforms for rooftop HVAC equipment mounting and maintenance.

Renderings courtesy of Chris Dawson Architect