UniqueSource Headquarters Mechanicsburg, PA

Founded in 1956, UniqueSource Products & Services partners with 75 non-profit organizations to identify, market and deliver products and services that create employment opportunities for professionals with disabilities.

Outgrowing their Harrisburg location led to the purchase of a vacant 12-year-old office building in a nearby suburb. The two-story, 19,686-square-foot structure required major interior renovations to accommodate UniqueSource’s program and aesthetic requirements. These included private offices, conference rooms, a large multipurpose room, kitchen, collaborative areas and abundant natural light.

The $1.8 million renovation led by Murray Associates Architects took eight months and resulted in architectural and systems infrastructure modifications to the entire building, except for the restrooms. The new layout, which partitioned previously open space, informed the mechanical and electrical system redesign.

Capitalizing on the integrity of the main HVAC equipment, GBE’s scope of work involved demolition of branch ductwork and installation of variable air volume boxes with electric reheat coils and low-pressure ductwork to accommodate the new layout. We also designed and specified plumbing fixtures, overhead and emergency lighting, and power distribution devices.

The biggest issue we encountered was that one of the rooftop units wasn’t performing to the capacity it was designed for. This was discovered when the contractor performed post-occupancy balancing of the system. We worked with the contractor to measure the static pressure in several areas of the ductwork to see if a blockage existed, but none was found. Ultimately UniqueSource replaced the unit to achieve the required airflow.

Photography by Robert J. Polett / Polett Photo